Automotive is a mature industry with customers who are increasingly becoming more demanding. This success can be traced back to its ability to adapt technology and design to changing customer tastes, expectations and safety requirements. The highest levels of product development and engineering have been implemented by the industry in conjunction with futuristic technology to keep customers satisfied. The industry also faces several challenges of globalization, regulation, and environmental sustainability. Automobile manufacturers have to continue bringing new products, innovations with differentiators, and typically more features at lower costs.

Suventure team has experience in working with automotive industry. Our teams have been involved in, automotive embedded software systems, business applications development testing and integration, and applications maintenance. We have developed maintained, and supported several automotive applications both for engineering as well as business and channel side of the automotive business. Our services provide the automotive industry with solutions that drive efficiency while significantly reducing production costs without compromising quality. Our solutions help automotive manufacturers adapt to change and rapidly reshape their business, improve sales processes, strengthen their brands, address new markets and build lasting relationships with their customers.

Automotive players are now moving towards making cars smarter & safer through software integration in the vehicles. Cars will now become “Computer on wheels” in the future

Below are few trends which shows how the convergence of automotive & tech is creating a new ecosystem and how Suventure being a next gen technology company plays a major role in assisting its clients to remain a step ahead of their competitors

  • Infotainment platform- It includes features & connectivity mirroring information & home entertainment experience. Suventure professionals are experts in HMI (Human Machine Interface) & embedded technologies

  • Apps & Services- Suventure has pioneered in making software applications which helps drivers to connect their cars with their smartphones

  • Autonomous drive/Operating system- Advanced central Operating system with self-driving capabilities. Suventure has till now developed operating system with cruise alerts, super cruise alerts and Advanced Parking alerts

  • Onboard Diagnostics & Data Analytics- Suventure helps in fully connected cloud processing and data feeds for manufacturers which helps them in improving and providing enriching experience to their customers