Internet Software Product Engineering- Team Capacity Models Leveraging Outsourcing

Internet/Web software product engineering is becoming all pervasive as businesses continue to embrace digital and last mile experience for their customers. Getting a product ready and ...


      How Suventure supports 9Sharp as a Strategic offshore partner

"The Commitment and Quality I see in this team is unmatched. I can't think of a better partner for 9Sharp's growth." - Safwan Hak, CEO of 9Sharp


      How Suventure helped App strategy of Savvymob

“Suventure team has been working with us as an extension of our internal development team. They have done a very thorough job of re-building our extranet and mobile apps.”Bikram Sohal, CEO of Savvymob


       Fixed Price Vs Hourly Rate- The Dilemma of a customer.

You have thought of the idea – Step 1 Achieved. POC document is “almost” ready – Step 2 Achieved. Found an outsourcing/development partner – Step 3 Achieved. And this is where the confusion starts. Fixed bid or Hourly agreement for development???


        Digital - Business of Every Business

Humans have been consuming goods and services from the early days of human existence. From stone-age tools to modern day tools like smartphones, humans have been using tools to enrich human life, to make life better and comfortable.