Hiring for Database Designer – Exp 3+ Years – Location – Bangalore

Posted 2 years ago

Data Engineer


Position Overview


Our work aims to improve safety and performance in the oil and gas industry through risk analysis. A major part of this involves creation and curation of our proprietary data store. On any given day, our data engineers work to understand the details of what new public and private data sources mean, build the software processes that scrape this data, and suggest creative ways in which that data can be used.


         Should have worked on ETL Processes,

         Data Modelling,

         Data imports on databases,

         Python programming,

         Data Scrapping Web Data Extraction,

         Crawler and Scraping skills

         Familiar with Scrapy Framework

         Familiar with GitLab,

         Experience with PostgreSQL


DB design, DB architecture, someone who can and has designed DB from scratch – should be able to write schemas and tables etc.



  • Research meaning of data fields, files, and webpages associated with external public & private data sources identified as relevant to Suventure products.
  • Create Python scrapers to programmatically fetch relevant data from external data sources, parse data, and store in database
  • Determine plans of action of regular data updates and sequence of operations for scraping linked data sources
  • Implement above plans
  • Document oddities, edge cases, and other interesting qualities of data sources as scrapers are built and tested

 Interested candidates can send their updated resume to thouseef.ahmed@suventure.in

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