Media has transformed over the years with anytime anywhere consumption of content. News is no longer only daily morning doze from your local city newspaper, but has become 24/7 real time, rich media experience, that is being consumed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Personalized content based on consumer profiles and preferences is adding contextual delivery. Social media integration and location awareness is adding further new dimensions to the content consumption journey. In addition to this a fundamental change of reader engagement with the platform is opening deep insights into reader behavior and analytics. Such insight into user demographics and behavior opens up huge opportunities for new revenue models with targeted advertising and several other new revenue models for the media industry.

Suventure has experience in working with traditional and new media organizations in integrating Digital with media. Web Applications Development, Mobile Applications, and Data Analytics practices at Suventure bring necessary technology blends that are so relevant. At Suventure, we keep track of latest developments and trends in Digital Media and continue to explore ways to enrich our Client’s businesses through global best practices and technology trends.

Suventure MultiPublish Media Platform

Suventure MultiPublish is a cloud based contemporary solution with proven track record of scalability and performance. The Editorial Dashboard acts as an integrated command center and central content repository that can be integrating with most industry standard Content Management Systems (CMS). Content from the Dashboard is prioritized and delivered on multiple devices like responsive web sites, Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets.